What are the best practices of document destruction


Does your office have open paper recycling bins? Recycling bins are fundamental sources of white-collar crimes. Office documents contain vital information which third-parties could use for data breaching. This post will highlight some of the best practices of document destruction. 1. Shred everything on a regular schedule This practice is essential. Adapting a 'shred all' policy eliminates the poor judgement risk on what you should shred. It also reduces the piling of confidential papers in the office.

30 September 2019

Make the Best Use of Your Scrap Metal


What do you do with all the scrap metal your business accumulates? Waste material can be a major issue for many companies, with metal often being the most awkward material to handle. Paper and cardboard are light and don't take up much space. Plastic is rarely heavy to move and can be frequently broken down to allow for easier storage. By contrast, scrap metal can often be bulky to store and heavy to move.

31 January 2019