4 things you can do with scrap metal


With the world going green, scrap metal can now be recycled for very interesting uses. You don't have to be a manufacturer to be able to transform scrap into something useful these days. All you need is an idea and someone to implement it for you. If you are a homeowner with a load of scrap metal in your garage or backyard, here are a few things you could try doing with it.

Use scrap for home furnishings

Using scrap metal for home furnishings sounds weird at first, but it can be very rewarding. Why not make your own metal park bench in your yard where you and your family can relax? It doesn't even have to be that attractive.  All you need is to attach a bench frame to some flat metal. You can do some welding to attach any metal pipes to form the framework. However, if welding isn't your strong suit, you could always hire a professional to assist you. Apart from a bench, you could also recycle your scrap into outdoor lamps, tables, and chairs. The choice is yours.

Have a yard sale

One easy way of making money is through selling scrap metal. You don't even have to carry it to a recycle centre. Just open up your garage, put up a signboard, and you'll be good to go. Remember to advertise a bit though. Start with the heavy junk and put it up front. Some recyclers actually go to some of these yard sales and could pay you decent cash for such scrap metal. Additionally, try maximising your profits by selling in parts rather than selling as a whole. For instance, if you have an old junk car, disassemble it first and sell the various parts. This will fetch you more money.

Increase your tools

There is no cheaper way of increasing your tools than by using scrap metal. Instead of throwing that old steel pipe, why not have it welded into something more useful? Another set of pliers or a screwdriver wouldn't be that bad now, would it? Apart from steel, old aluminium scrap can be melted and formed into aluminium nails that you can use for your house repairs.

Improve your porch

You can improve your porch using scrap metal by transforming various junk pieces into artwork. This is where your creativity comes in. You could try decorating your porch with artistic scrap designs. If it feels difficult, have a professional artist make you a beautiful metal sculpture for placing on your porch.


16 May 2017

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Hello, my name is Steve and this is my recycling blog. Up until last year, I presumed that recycling was just to do with putting plastic and glass into different bins from your general waste. However, when I bought a secondhand industrial unit, I discovered large amounts of metal which had been abandoned by the previous owner. I wasn't sure what to do but my friend suggested I take it to a specialist scrap yard so it could be recycled. The guys at the recycling yard were really friendly and explained how they take all kinds of different metals and recycle them for future use. I hope you enjoy my blog.