4 Benefits of Investing in Professional Document Shredding for Your Office


Are you considering hiring an external company to take care of the document shredding in your office? Not sure if it will be worth the cost? As well as ensuring that all sensitive data is properly disposed of, paying for professional document shredding can also increase employee productivity and keep your company out of legal trouble. Keep reading for details on the four major benefits of investing in proper document shredding.

1. Give your customers peace of mind

Handling sensitive information is a big responsibility, and your customer will want to know what you're doing to protect them. Being able to point to a specialist company that handles your document shredding is a great way to increase their confidence and show that you're running a professional operation. This is especially important if you're working in the medical or legal fields.

2. Comply with local privacy laws

Protecting customer information isn't just good practice — in many areas, it's also the law. Understanding local privacy and data protection laws can be complicated, particularly as they're often changed. When you hire a company to handle your paper shredding, they'll have in-depth knowledge of local requirements and will be able to advise you on exactly what your responsibilities are. This could protect you from expensive legal action further down the line.

3. Stop employees wasting time shredding

Do you currently leave document shredding responsibilities to your employees? This is a massive time-waster, and a few minutes a day spent at the shredder quickly adds up to hours of lost time over the course of a year. It can also break concentration, particularly if there are lots of smaller shredding tasks to deal with throughout the day. Hiring a company to deal with your shredding for you frees up your employees to focus on the areas where they're most needed.

4. Make sure all shredded paper is recycled

Many customers now look for evidence that the companies they deal with are eco-friendly and environmentally conscious. Professional document shredding services will ensure that all shredded paper is properly recycled and not just thrown in with the general waste. Even if you try to encourage your employees to recycle paper, there's a good chance that some still ends up in the bin. Having someone else take care of your recycling saves time, helps the environment, and makes your company look better.

Document shredding can impact your company in many ways, so make sure you invest in handling it properly.


26 October 2021

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