Strategies to Reduce the Cost of Doing Business for Your Startup Plastic Pallet Supply Business


Plastic pallets have become a mainstay especially for companies engaged in the shipment of food and pharmaceutical products. The preference for plastic pallets has opened doors to plastic pallet suppliers. Nonetheless, if you are thinking about starting a business in the supply of plastic pallet, you must do your homework regarding the cost of running such a business. As with any other type of business, you must look for avenues that can help to reduce the cost of doing business, especially for a start-up. This article provides pointers on strategies that will guarantee you low cost of doing business in the plastic pallet industry.

Supply to Clients That Will Return Pallets -- One thing you must know is that the initial capital outlay of starting a plastic pallet supply business is relatively high. However, to keep subsequent costs as low as possible in the early stages of your business, you need to be strategic about where you supply your plastic pallets. For starters, ensure that majority of the clients you provide to will return the pallets. This will enable you to supply to many other customers without necessarily having to acquire new plastic pallets for every customer. Additionally, if some of the returned pallets are destroyed, you can sell them to pallet manufacturing companies for recycling.

Meet Plastic Pallet Sanitation Standards -- Since most of your clients will probably be in the food packaging industry, your plastic pallets need to meet sanitation standards set under the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code. If your plastic pallets fail to conform to regulations, you risk being involved in costly litigation processes early on in your business. Consequently, the company's ability to sustain itself will suffer. Therefore, you need to consult extensively to ensure full knowledge of regulatory and legal requirements before commencing business.

Opt for Nestable Plastic Pallets -- Plastic pallets come in two designs, that is, nestable and stackable. Since yours is a start-up, you need to maximize the number of pallets you buy especially if you have small storage space. A nestable plastic pallet is one that allows another plastic pallet to nest inside it with ease. As such, you are more likely to save more on space if you go with nestable pallets rather than stackable pallets, which take up four times as much space. Money that would otherwise go towards extra storage space can be directed elsewhere in your business.   


22 May 2017

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