6 Reasons Why You Should Recycle Metals


Recycling scrap metals is not only a good environmental practice but also brings some extra cash to your pocket. Through eco-friendly metal recycling strategies, homeowners and businesses can help solve the ever-growing global problem of increasing landfills. Read on to learn more reasons why metal recycling is crucial.

1. It Helps Conserve Limited Resources

Recycling metals helps to save on natural resources. Metal ores are limited natural resources, meaning they diminish from the earth every time they are mined. When you recycle metal, you eliminate the need to produce new metal, thus conserving the ores. Additionally, recycling requires less limestone, coal, and other raw materials during the manufacturing process. That further preserves these scarce resources. 

2. It Saves on Energy

Manufacturing a brand-new metal sheet consumes more energy than recycling an old one. When producing new aluminium metal, you need 20 times more energy than what you need when recycling an old piece. Cutting down energy consumption reduces your overall production costs significantly and, in turn, increases productivity. 

3. It Helps to Build a Community

Increasing metal recycling programs worldwide encourage individuals and communities to congregate with the common goal of preserving the environment. Lobbies, recycling organisations, and local collection groups have come up to create a unified community with a purpose for recycling.

4. It Creates Self-Employment and Job Opportunities

Individuals, groups, and organisations alike obtain incomes from metal recycling operations. Recycling generates hundreds of jobs more than landfilling and incineration combined. That's because it creates jobs for collectors, transporters, and workers at the recycling factory.

5. It Leads to Economic Growth 

The creation of more jobs for citizens is one way in which recycling helps a country to grow its economy. When many people have a source of income, the economy is set for growth. Furthermore, enhanced profitability among metal-producing factories means more tax remittance to the state. That implies further economic growth. For the masses, economic growth leads to better livelihoods and a healthier population. 

6. It Prevents Environmental Pollution 

The disposal of scrap metal profoundly affects the environment. It leads to environmental degradation in several ways, including filling up landfills and causing water and air pollution when left to waste away. Furthermore, mining, transporting, and processing virgin metal emits much more carbon than recycling. Thus, metal recycling protects the environment and humans from the harmful effects of waste metal. 

Metal recycling has benefits on an individual, national, and global level. Therefore, you should consider recycling your waste metal instead of purchasing new metal sheets. 

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17 March 2021

Steve's Recycling and Scrap Metal Blog

Hello, my name is Steve and this is my recycling blog. Up until last year, I presumed that recycling was just to do with putting plastic and glass into different bins from your general waste. However, when I bought a secondhand industrial unit, I discovered large amounts of metal which had been abandoned by the previous owner. I wasn't sure what to do but my friend suggested I take it to a specialist scrap yard so it could be recycled. The guys at the recycling yard were really friendly and explained how they take all kinds of different metals and recycle them for future use. I hope you enjoy my blog.